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Call for papers: Experimentation in the Context of Musical Practice

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Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice

Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] 27-28 April 2011, Ghent Belgium

Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice

In Western music, 'experimentation' is usually associated with composition and improvisation, despite the fact that many diverse experimental practices happen in the field of performance. However, performers of all styles and periods of music have used modes of experimentation in their preparation for performance and in the act itself. Strangely, this important factor in the creativity of performance practice remains essentially private and undiscussed, being barely acknowledged beyond the rehearsal room.

This two-day international seminar aims at exploring the complex role of experimentation in the context of performance practices and the artistic possibilities that such practices yield for performers, composers and listeners. Three main perspectives will be adopted: a historical approach revealing experimental performance practices from the past, a practical approach that takes the ‘skilled body’ as its point of departure, and finally, an open-ended approach that challenges state-of-the-art practices in the field of music performance.

Within such a general context, particular interests or questions include:

Which aspects of performance allow for experimentation?

How does experimentation 'between' performances (from performance to performance) work?

How does experimentation through collaboration (e.g. chamber music) work?

Is the use and influence of non-musical elements an important factor in experimental performance practices?

What are the relationships between experimentation and improvisation? How does experimentation occur in the daily practicing process?

What are the tensions between 'fidelity to the score' and individuation of performance?

The seminar will be relevant for musicians and graduate students working in areas of research linked to musical practice. Themes related to all aspects of the seminar topic are welcome. The principal requirement for submissions is that they illuminate some aspect of the broad area of 'artistic experimentation', contributing to greater insight into how art unfolds, and opening new possibilities for artistic practice and reception.

Note: Keynote lecture: Paul Roberts - Professor of Keyboard, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, U.K.

Organising Committee
ORCiM Research Fellows Paulo de Assis, Darla Crispin, and Hans Roels.
For all practical information, please contact the Orpheus Institute's Activities & Communication Manager:


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