Monday, 17 January 2011

Proposta para PERFORMA'11: Music at displaced places

Music at displaced places: a video-performance
Teresa Vila Verde

To think about “music at displaced places” we have to put music outside from its main space of action and thinking, and break many established conventions, rules and agreed norms. According to John Tusa (2005, The Janus Aspect: Artists in the Twenty-First Century. London: Methuen), this attitude is absolutely necessary to anyone interested in finding new forms of expression, in exploring new territories of action, in addressing the audience through new channels, and in experimenting new techniques and materials, aiming to achieve the traditional ends of deepened artistic expression. Indeed, when we work at liminal places, we can find new ways to link the historical heritage to the most innovatory artistic processes, to merge the real and the virtual space into a single dimension, to connect personal and collective memories, to interlink music with choreography, actions, objects and text in novel ways, and to play with layers of information where anyone has to choose what to see and how to understand what they see.

Therefore, after presenting at Performa’09 how music could be tackled as performance, this time I intend to explore more intensively the practical implications of this approach and re-create my latest work, called Music or Performance? That is the Question (created for the first feminist festival in Portugal, FeministizARTE, Braga/2009), in such a way that will link music to memory, gender and body, the three main themes of this conference. Consequently, the presentation will be a performance itself, and will start with a short introduction to contextualize the work followed by a creative description of it. This kind of presentation comes in line with the performance enterprise, which does not value pureness, perfectness, repetition, premeditation or convention. Instead, it challenges us to re-make what we have done in the past by adding new commentaries, techniques and materials. Embedded within this spirit, I will engage creatively with the video and experiment a new kind of presentation: a video-performance.

Artistic Production
Duration: around 40 minutes
Creation and Performer: Teresa Vila Verde
Video: Priscilla Fontoura
Artistic Direction: Vitor Alves da Silva


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