Monday, 5 December 2011

The Sound of my Body

Proposal for the Two Thousand + TWELVE Symposium
Belfast, 22-27th March 2012

The sound of my body 
The field of Performance gives close attention to aspects of performance that are usually neglected by musicians. When we think about music as performance, new relations between the body and music, body and mind, body and space, body and technologies, the performer’s body and the audience’s body, are brought out to light. Performance thus paves the way for exciting new insights about music-thinking and music-making.

As a music practitioner with keen interest in the Performance field, at the Two Thousand + TWELVE Symposium I will present my work exploring the new relations that arise from thinking of music and performance together. First I will contextualize the body, and the artist’s body in particular, through a varied range of studies taken from philosophy to musicology and performance, aiming to understand the paradigm shift that happened around the position of the artist’s body inside the Western culture. This will be followed by a video screening of my solo improvisation project, done during my Masters in Contemporary Music at Brunel University (West London/2008), which explores the connections between my body and the piano’s body. Inspired in Pina Bausch’s aesthetical universe, I created a kind of choreography of movements that generated sound on the piano – a sound that became the music of my body.

Teresa Vila Verde is a Portuguese music performer, researcher and teacher with keen interest in the world of Performance. Her work explores the visual, technological, corporeal and site-specific dimension of Music and has been presented in a variety of academic and artistic contexts. For further information see

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