Thursday, 7 May 2009

A 'Round Midnight Performance at PERFORMA'09

Music or Performance? That is the question

At PERFORMA'09 I will make a short performance around the Thelonious Monk tune 'Round Midnight. I will explore the body and theatricality in a musical event. So, it will involve live lighting, improvised (or choreographed) music, as well as excerpts of George Crumb’s "A Little Midnight Music" (2001), also based on the same tune.

Then I will get inside «Performance Studies» to understand what a performance is and in which ways music-making can be a performance. By promoting cross-fertilization between a diversity of arts and theories I expect to draw an alternative way to think, make, and engage with music; a way that comes in line with the more contemporary artistic scene and theory. Eventually, this reflection can contribute to integrate music in the current debate inside Performance Studies, for which is still very residual.

Venue: University of Aveiro, May 15, from 10 till 11 a.m. (I know! It's too early to make a midnight performance!!)


For more details, please check conference's website:

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